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I wrote a book.


In late April of 2017 I was asked by Spoonflower if I wanted to author a whole damn book*. I’d never written a book. I barely knew anyone else that had, either. But even though at the precise moment they called me I was in the middle of a super stressful photoshoot for Etsy (where I worked for over a decade), I immediately said yes and thought, oh, I’ll just whip this up in my spare time. 😂

About a week later, about 250 of my work friends and I were summarily laid off. So, having suddenly nothing but free time, the Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book was born. Turns out, writing a craft book is really fun. Even better, I got to art direct the photography in collaboration with Zoe Noble, who is literally a wizard, and Beau Colin, who makes everything she touches look beautiful. The resulting book is soooo pretty. I mean, my projects are fine. This is actually a great book for all levels and especially beginners who think they can’t sew at all. But the book is so pretty. Abrams design team did an amazing job and Zoe and Beau made total magic with the images. Take. A. Look:

*Not their exact words.

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