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Imaginary Book Covers with Some Robot-Generated Titles

Okay, for the hundredth time since I gave up my diaryesque online journal back in 2005, I am attempting to blog. I mean, I’m 100% confident I’ll write three posts and then quit again until either 2021 or I’m sending potential employers links to my portfolio, whichever comes first. But today I’m feeling positive.

Last night I was sitting in bed, slurping single malt(s) from a tiny glass, and searching for book title generators on my iPad. I wanted to make some imaginary book covers (duh) and I needed imaginary book titles. This is pretty unsurprising when you think about it but the internet is CHOCK FULL of generators that generate literally anything that can be generated. Including one zillion book title ones. I got the feeling after looking at few that the online writing community is cranking out manuscripts so rapidly they have no time for titles, and these generator websites are fulfilling a real need.

Anyway I made these fake books from old iPad drawings. And because I support making everything on an iPad without ever leaving the couch (or bed), I did the layout in Over using only their free typefaces, as if my monthly payments to Adobe for CS was absolutely not a gigantic waste of money. p.s. If you need a book cover HMU.

ImaginaryBook6 copy.jpg
(This is an old one art-directed my my 10-year-old daughter.)

(This is an old one art-directed my my 10-year-old daughter.)

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